Miguel Monroy (Mexico City, 1975). His work tries to dissemble the meaning of objects and systems in daily life throw the fields of video, photography and sculpture. He earned a Bachelor degree in visual arts from UNAM and attended the certified in Photography and new media in Centro de la Imágen (2001). His work has been shown in galleries and cultural spaces in Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, United States, and Belgium among others. In 2016 he presented Robbery to an art fair in the context of ZonaMACO Sur. His solo exhibition Puesta en abismo, has received the 2013–2014 Austin´s Table Critics award nomination for the best independent project. He published the book Transporte transportado (2012) with the support of Fundación/Colección Jumex. Monroy has done artistic residences in Switzerland (2006), Quebec (2012) and Mexico (2012 and 2015). His most recent solo shows were: Puesta en abismo (2014) CoLab projects, Austin Texas. Box de sombra (2012) La Chambre Blanche, Quebec, Canada; Canon (2012) Museo Experimental El Eco, Mexico city; Deuce (2010) Alterna y Corriente, Mexico city. Monroy has been teaching in workshops and graduated courses of contemporary art in institutions in Merida, Puebla and Mexico city. He has taught installation art in the visual art bachelor degree at UNARTE, Puebla. Since 2015 he is member of the FONCA´s Sistema Nacional de Creadores. Monroy is currently candidate for the MFA art practice at Stanford University.